In common: Steering to a greener future

Explore inspirational tactics you can adopt to make your home and work life more eco-friendly


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Can you list 3 things you’ve done this week that has helped the environment?

If you can’t, or if it’s a struggle, don’t worry and don’t feel bad. Just being here shows that you care about the environment or are thinking about what you can be doing to go greener. We are the agents of change!

In the exclusive webinar, watch our exclusive guest panellists from dotdigital, Microsoft, Blackmores, Pilio Group and Food Loose, explore some solutions you can adopt for a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. We know the positive changes can vary from the big or small, but it takes everyone of us to do something to step up and steer the world into a greener place.

Topics we discuss include:

  • Changes that can make to your home and work life greener
  • Inspiration and learning from the experiences of your peers
  • How you can do something for yourself and your community
  • Discover the changes that are already happening and how you can get involved

Let's make the world a greener place. It’s time to act.

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