How to transition from high street, to high clicks

How omnichannel can help you retain your customers


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Human beings inherently love predictability and hate change. Unfortunately, 2020 decided to force change on us, and the way we shop. The high street lost the battle with COVID, but online is thriving.

But how do you drive those loyal high street customers online and more importantly how do you keep them there? We look at the strategy behind a winning online retail offering with best practice tactics proven to deliver results ranging from acquisition right the way through to post and re-purchasing.

We cover topics including:

  • Do you understand who your best customers are, regardless of channel?
  • Are there ways to target people with brand affinity, even if you don’t have the customer data?
  • How to get the RIGHT permissions when a customer first orders online
  • How will you facilitate their transition from a familiar retail experience to an online setting?


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