dotlive: 3 ways technology can help you keep up with change

Do more with your data and turn 1-2-1 conversations into profitable engagements


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With demand in online experiences increasing, many brands are looking for new ways in which they can deliver truly personalized moments to customers. So it’s more important than ever that modern marketers tap into the full power of the tools at their fingertips..

Watch this dotlive webinar as we're joined by our very own product team who show you how to do more with your data and turn 1-2-1 conversations into profitable engagements. 

With the ‘need it now’ mentality taking over today’s consumers, we’ll take a close look at how channels like live chat can help brand meet these demands. No longer a support solution, live chat can empower sales and marketing teams to drive customers through the funnel.

We’ll be looking at ways in which you can leverage your store and CRM data to deliver those all-important nudges in an automated and scalable way. 

​​In this dotlive, you’ll learn:

  • How live chat enables sales teams and marketers to deliver personal, profitable experiences on-site.
  • How ​​to trigger personalized communications based on key customer actions, with a close look at our new Power Automate connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers.
  • How B2B ecommerce brands can use data to deliver B2C experiences at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

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