A conversation on customer loyalty with dotdigital
and Yotpo

A conversation on customer loyalty with dotdigital and Yotpo

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One of the key findings across all sectors is customer loyalty isn't being rewarded

Without a clear idea of what subscribers want out of the relationship, it's nearly impossible to deliver memorable experiences. As a result, shoppers have no reason to remain loyal. With 80% of brands still without loyalty programs, it's easy to see the potential loss in revenue.

Watch our bitesized webinar with Head of Strategy & Insight, Gavin Laugenie from dotdigital and Digital Marketing Manager, Thais Bragheroli, who provided expert commentary in our Global Hitting the Mark ecommerce report 2020, on the value of customer loyalty.

Listen to this webinar and learn:

  • The benefits of loyalty programs
  • How to retain your existing customers
  • What types of loyalty programs work best
  • Why it's important to surprise and delight your customers
  • How to join up the online and offline experience