A conversation on customer acquisition with dotdigital
and Sleeknote

A conversation on customer acquisition with dotdigital and Sleeknote

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Customer acquisition is the goal of every marketing team. To continue to grow company revenues, brands need to increase their customer database year-on-year.

As modern-day shoppers increasingly put themselves first, they’re more likely to hand over their personal data if they know they’ll benefit immediately from the relationship. 

Listen to our bitesized webinar with Head of Strategy & Insight, Gavin Laugenie from dotdigital and Head of Email Marketing, Rikke Thomsen, from Sleeknote, who provided expert commentary in our Global Hitting the Mark ecommerce report 2020, on how to acquire new customers effectively.

Listen to this webinar and learn:

  • Best practice tactics to gain new subscribers
  • Key offerings to entice your customers with
  • Effective tips on customer experience
  • How to send relevant content