It takes a team to make a Champion: A case study

How to put together a winning tech stack


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What Champion learnt from rebuilding its tech stack

Choosing the right tech stack can be a daunting process. When in the driving seat, you need to know all the components are working together effectively to drive you to the finish line and beyond.

The team at Champion are all too familiar with this predicament having recently assembled a new stack while switching ecommerce platforms. The Champion marketing team agreed to share insights from building an entirely new tech stack to support their business and their massive resurging popularity.

Watch this webinar and listen as the Champion team along with dotdgital, Vaimo and Klarna as they talk through this incredible journey. Walk away with actionable insights on how to put a winning strategy in place and how that strategy can help propel your own brand to victory.

About Champion

The signature red, white, and blue “C” is a symbol of Champion—a clothing company with more than a 100 years of history. The company was established in 1919, in Rochester, New York, by Simon Feinbloom and his sons William and Abraham.

Over the last century, Champion experienced its peak and downfall but in the last decade, Champion have stepped back into the spotlight once again. 

Champion’s resurgence in the ecommerce scene hasn’t shown any signs of waning. With Champion at the top of their game we wanted to get you a special insight behind the scenes with the marketing team. Gain some perspective on decisions they have been making to keep Champion on this continued building of momentum and growth.


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