A conversation on
alternative payments with dotdigital and Klarna

A conversation on alternative payments with dotdigital and Klarna

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We found that 87% of brands are partnering with the likes of Klarna, PayPal, and AfterPay to ease customers’ checkout experiences.

Alternative payment methods have simplified the customer’s journey. Shoppers are willing to spend more, thanks to the control they now have over re-payment options. And, because customers are enjoying a better experience, brands’ conversion rates are improving and sales and average order value are increasing.

Listen to our bitesized webinar with Head of Strategy & Insight, Gavin Laugenie from dotdigital and Commercial Manager, Jack Spiers from Klarna, who provided expert commentary in our Global Hitting the Mark ecommerce report 2020, on the alternative payments revolution.

Listen to this webinar and learn:

  • Best practice tactics for alternative payments
  • How customers expect to pay nowadays 
  • If shopping behavior is different across regions
  • The rise of alternative payments
  • The importance of mobile websites