Agile marketing for Higher Education

Implement an agile marketing plan for any college or university.


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While each level of education faces its unique challenges, it is the higher education that may end up triggering a learning revolution, especially during this time of uncertainty. Universities are distinctive in that their students are both old enough to handle the rigors of online work, and technologically savvy enough to navigate new platforms.

The big question is - can traditional, campus-based universities adapt and be agile enough in the ever changing environment and with the constant need for communication using the right channels, with many disaffected students, at any given moment?

Problems Universities are currently facing are from a myriad of areas: lagging technological infrastructures, bureaucratic and often fragmented internal structures, limited resources and now COVID-19 and the dilemma it is posing for higher education - all these areas feed into specific issues that can be especially difficult for higher ed marketers:

  1. Adapting quickly to the needs that are constantly changing.
  2. Making better use of the data they capture
  3. Differentiating from the competition
  4. Improving engagement with their users.

In this webinar we go over the above topics and offer steps for implementing an agile marketing plan for any college or university that places students at the heart and ensure you understand the opportunities you have available to you!

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