A conversation on
abandoned cart with dotdigital and Nosto

A conversation on abandoned Cart with dotdigital and Nosto

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Did you know the average cart abandonment rate across the ecommerce industry sits at around 70%?

There’s been no change year-on-year on the number of brands adopting cart-recovery tactics. If you're yet to add an abandonment cart in your marketing strategy, then there's a lot of potential revenue being lost. 

Listen to our bitesized webinar with Head of Strategy & Insight, Gavin Laugenie from dotdigital and General Manager, James White from Nosto, who provided expert commentary in our Global Hitting the Mark ecommerce report 2020, on how to smash your abandon cart strategies.

Listen to this webinar and learn:

  • Best practice tactics to see results
  • What's the loss to your business without abandoned cart
  • Key offerings to your customers, from incentives to alternative payments
  • The effects the customer experience can have on your sales
  • How crucial it is to test, test, test