A digital marketing exit strategy for your
ecommerce business

A digital marketing exit strategy for your ecommerce business

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It is hard for anyone to predict how life and business will change over the coming months as the country tries to return to normal. However, it remains important for online retailers to plan ahead in terms of getting sales and marketing back on track. Therefore, it’s worth considering what you can do now to prepare for the ‘New Normal’ - a world in which consumer habits and needs will have changed fundamentally.

Watch this webinar as we're joined by our partner, Best Response Media, to discuss how you acquire; nurture, grow and retain customers as we start moving towards the post-pandemic. Topics covered in the webinar include:

  • How to grow now we’re out of lockdown
  • Guidance on dealing with the ‘New Normal’
  • Tips on how to continue the success or recover from the challenges of lockdown
  • Practical approaches and tactics that you can use in a post-lockdown world
  • Recovery and growth tips post lockdown - a digital marketing exit strategy


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