3 segmentation tactics for ecommerce success

Master the power of RFM

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3 Plus, 6 actions per tactic to get you started

RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value) is a powerful segmentation tool that helps you better understand customers, drive longstanding loyalty, and grow customer lifetime value.  

The model is tried and tested in Engagement Cloud’s Commerce Intelligence tool, and makes it easier for you to target your customers. Grouping different customers into meaningful personas means you can send them tailored messages that communicate relevance. 

Our killer playbook will help you segment effectively and achieve ecommerce success. With the right tools in tow, we’ll show you how to filter your customers into tight-knit segments for more targeted campaigns.

We’ve compiled three key tactics, each with six actionable tips, on how to segment effectively using RFM.

Download the playbook and you’ll learn how to:

  • target better across email and social with a more tailored message
  • grow loyalty and customer lifetime value using persona-based incentives
  • drive ROI across your campaigns through smarter engagement

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