Make engagements great again

UK | PM dotlive | Make engagements great again | 22 May 2019

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  • 22 May 2019, 18:00-20:00 GMT
  • 1 London Bridge, SE1 9BG
  • Hosted by: dotdigital

Engaging your customers is so much more than counting opens and click-through-rates. Engaged customers are more loyal and bigger spenders.

But how do we create great engagements that drive shoppers into action?

Join us as we discover how to make engagements great again. We’ll show you the secret ingredients you need to make every customer a happy customer.

You’ll get an exclusive look at how big brands are making long-lasting connections with customers and see the outstanding results their approaches are returning. It’s a learning opportunity like no other.

Rounding off the event, you’ll also be able to take advantage of an exclusive 20-minute demonstration from a member of our amazing training team.

Let’s make engagement great again!



Gavin Laugenie, Head of Strategy & Insight - dotdigital

Gavin is an expert in the email marketing industry with over 10 years’ experience. Gav works in the UK working with brands to solve complex marketing and technology problems. Leading the problem-solving charge, helping to connect the dots between the needs, wants and desires of the customer and their marketing goals.

Jess Evans, Head of Partnerships - Phrasee

Jess Evans, Head of Partnerships at Phrasee, works with Phrasee's clients to advise them on technology adoption and deployment.  She also ensures that Phrasee is the number one AI-powered copywriting option for the world's leading agencies. After working for one of the UK’s largest ESPs, Jess opted to join the Phrasee team to specialise in AI and the email marketing journey.

Shaun Munoz, Digital Marketing Executive - Virgin Active

Shaun looks after digital marketing for Virgin Active, spending a lot of my time problem solving marketing communications using the dotdigital platform.

6:00pm Registration with pizza, wine and beer

6.30pm Introduction and welcome with Gavin Laugenie, dotdigital

6.40pm Gavin Laugenie, dotdigital

How to drive customer engagement

7:00pm Jess Evans, Phrasee

How Virgin Holidays are maximising engagement and making millions from AI

7:20pm Shaun Munoz, Virgin Active

How Workout Wednesday worked out

7:40pm Final thoughts with Gavin Laugenie, dotdigital & Q&A

7:50pm Networking with your peers over drinks or a 20 minute platform workshop with an awesome dotdigital trainer