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How Engagement Cloud for Magento is helping Slendertone Connect with its customers

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The background

Slendertone is a world leader in providing products that improve muscle tone and body shape. It was the first company to produce an Electro-Muscle Stimulation toning belt cleared for market by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and has gone on to sell over 6.1 million products worldwide.

“We chose Engagement Cloud for its strong integration with Magento. The two platforms together help us to deliver our vision of connecting with customers throughout their journey with the product,” said Doug Taylor, Slendertone’s CRM Manager.

Using Magento and dotdigital Engagement Cloud to Connect with customers

“We implemented Engagement Cloud a year ago when we were developing and planning for Connect Abs. The aim of this project was to develop a mechanism that would inspire customers to continue using the belt. Connect Abs lets users control the product through their smart phone or tablet, as well as tracking progress and recommending toning programs based on motivation, goals and activity levels,” says Doug Taylor, Slendertone’s CRM Manager.

“On average, people hit a wall at around three to four weeks, but it usually takes around six weeks to start seeing results with the product. Thanks to a couple of data fields in Magento that sync with Connect, we’re able to tell when customers have begun using the device and how many sessions they’ve completed. We have a program in place to deliver an email to customers after six days’ inactivity, and we’ve seen a 20% success rate in getting people to come back so far.”

Customer portal powered by Landing Pages

As part of Connect, Slendertone sends an automated weekly activity report to its users, with a link to a personalized customer portal. “The Engagement Cloud Landing Pages tool is now our platform for providing customers with personalized usage stats, and it’s working really well thanks to the Magento integration. Landing pages allow us to go into much more detail that would not be possible – and be too long – to include in an email.”

Why a move to Magento 2 is on the cards

dotdigital is Magento’s first marketing technology company to achieve Premier partner status, and the platform is fully integrated and accessible within the Magento 2 dashboard. Slendertone will soon be moving onto Magento 2. “We’re in the process of becoming a more digitally focused business. A move to Magento 2 will facilitate this through use of new features that help boost conversion rates, including responsive design. Integration with dotdigital will remain a key function,” said Doug.