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The background

Karen Zuckerman and daughter Amanda searched high and low for fashionable dorm décor when Amanda started her freshman year at Washington University in St. Louis in 2009, making many, many store visits to compensate for a void in the marketplace.

That sparked an idea: why not create their own line of chic options that make it easy and fun to style a small space?

Stand out or stand down

A young target group opens up many channels and fun opportunities for Dormify to connect with its audience. However, these young adults also have high sensitivity to the frequency and transparency of marketing communications, as Nicole Gardner, Dormify’s COO explains: “They’re savvy about how they are being marketed to. They become trained to ignore many brand messages when they see too many of the same things coming into their inbox.”

The ability to segment contacts based on interests, behavior and location has transformed the company’s marketing efforts, which previously included sending mass emails several times a week. “We see heightened impact over time if you’re selective with what you send and how often,” said Nicole. Dormify’s email audience now converts almost two times the site average.

Engagement Cloud + Magento = savvy customer insights

The Engagement Cloud for Magento connector has empowered Dormify’s small yet savvy team to find clever ways to engage its customers and deliver the personalized, relevant experience they expect.

Automated campaigns and triggered programs, which leverage everything from behavioral to transactional data, have been a winner for Dormify. “We’re able to automate aspects of the process, like generating dynamic coupon codes and shopping cart abandonment behavior within Magento and into Engagement Cloud,” said Nicole. Triggered emails now account for 27% of Dormify’s total email revenue.

Welcome program is key to delivering great CX

Dormify strives to include a human component in every aspect of the customer experience. One of the ways it does this is through its welcome series, which promotes things like social channels and other ways to connect with the brand.

The first includes a dynamic coupon code and a general welcome message, with tailored content depending on where the subscriber signs up. The second tells more about the company, and the third serves as a reminder and follow-up that includes a social call to action.

“The first message in the welcome series has performed particularly well, according to Gardner, and the automated program generated 22% of Dormify’s total email revenue in 2015.”

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