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The background

Founded in San Francisco more than 40 years ago, DHL Express is the global market leader in the international express courier business, with a parcel delivery network spanning more than 220 countries and territories.

This presents a complex challenge for Lori Folts, DHL’s Head of Marketing Communications for the Americas. In a typical sales cycle, which can last from three to nine months, DHL can send out up to 400,000 emails across three waves in four different languages and to 40 different countries.

Multi-country content management made easy

The need to be organized and keep each country, language and version precise is paramount for the team. The Engagement Cloud platform offers the ability to create emails in multiple languages and alphabets, and each of DHL’s country teams are responsible for ensuring their own localized text is colloquially accurate.

To make the process run smoothly, Engagement Cloud has built in appropriate checks and balances to make things streamlined for the team. “It is highly effective and saves us a great deal of time in copy proofing and makes the turnaround a great deal faster,” Lori comments.

2 companies, 1 team

DHL Express uses Engagement Cloud's managed services to help deliver its complex marketing communications process, as Skip Fidura, dotdigital’s Client Services Director, explains: “When we first started working with DHL, the delivery of emails was very labor-intensive. Many of the countries in the Americas region do not have local marketing support, but each country is responsible for sending out its own emails. This did not give a good cost-benefit ratio or quality output.

“Now, we have a single process that substantially reduces the workload by centralizing everything in one place, and providing a single point of contact for everyone in the region.”

Lori comments on the relationship between dotdigital and DHL: “As we have evolved and refined our processes, we have definitely become a close team that works seamlessly together.”

Expertise from the inside

The support team at dotdigital do more than just offer good customer service, as Lori found out:

“During our e-DM promotion for documents, the material for dotdigital had been cleared by all the right people in the chain, when Tom, our Service Delivery Manager at dotdigital, noticed that the photo did not correlate well with the copy text. He spoke up and we made the change. Tom had paid attention and cared about the business aspect of the campaign, beyond his duties.”

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